Pragya NatarajanJuly 23, 2019

Down and down
Unto the depths
Over and over
Unseen is the end

Wandering over yonder
Coils endless
Spinning and turning
A corkscrew into the wine bottle

Edge sharp
Burying as it cleaves a crack
The cork screams in pain
Thoughts swirl over and over

Not good enough
Please don’t hate
You never will be able to
Merciless debate

Others see misery
Or see fears
Their words a sweet cordial
That increases the tears

Each word dripping with poison
From the wine bottle comes fumes
As the corkscrew continues spiraling down
Tainted as its darkness looms

It hits the end of the cork
Pulling it clean off
And as the wine is poured
So is the neverending spiral

Wine sloshes around the glass
Intoxicating is the anger, fear, anxiety
Fists pounding
The water struggles to spill

At the wonder of thought
And free will
The reins of madness overtake
Momentarily, they fill the fissure in the cork with liquid

The wine bottle is now empty and the cork is in the incinerator

Pragya Natarajan is a ninth grader at Cupertino High School in California. Her hobbies are running, reading, writing, and painting. Her favorite color is red, and she loves covering things in duct tape.