Classwork Overview

Kaspiana Bella ArneyOctober 9, 2019

Check the ​Overview
A ​Poem​ chosen to make

A ​Revision ​for those that have missed
Like dust blowing in the wind
Their ​Surroundings​ fading away

A ​Workshop​ of pondering
The people ​Assigned ​to their seats
By little wooden sticks,
Polished cleanly cream

Aloud​ we speak in unison
Hands not raised in the air this time

A ​Review​ that is yet visited
My ​Checklist​ is elongating

The classwork ​Groups​ meet together

Kassy Arney is a sixth-grade student at Seattle Girls’ School who enjoys learning and bonding with friends. Kassy is 12 years old and is from Seattle, Washington. She is proud to be a poet, ice skater, cat lover, and daughter. When she has time to herself, she enjoys sitting on the couch with her cat, her snack, and her computer.