Cherish the Memories

Janeth Flores CamachoNovember 9, 2023

Memories, oh how they can make us feel,
Taking us back to moments that are both good and real.
The joy they bring, the laughter and the love,
But also the pain, the heartache, and the loss thereof.
How bittersweet it is to reminisce,
To remember all that we have gained and all that we miss.
The warmth of a friend's embrace, the sound of a loved one's voice,
But also the sadness, the regret, and the unending noise.
How memories can make us sob and cry,
As we relive moments that have long since passed by.
How they can leave us feeling both happy and sad,
As we hold onto the memories, both good and bad.
But even in the tears that we shed,
We hold onto the memories that are still in our heads.
For they remind us of the life that we have lived,
Of the people we have loved and the memories we have given.
So let us cherish the memories, both good and bad,
For they are reminders of the life that we have had.
And though they may make us sob and cry,
They are a testament to the fact that we have truly lived and tried.

Janeth Flores Camacho is a 12-year-old poet from California.