Being Imperfect

Ojaswi ThakurSeptember 5, 2022

Perfection doesn't bother me
Because imperfection defines me
Perfect skin is far from sight
And my eyes are just so bright
Long nails and hair unkept
Have to matter above the rest?
Having headaches and cramps all day
But it's not ok to skip bathing for a day
Acne and pimples catch the attention
And can even give you hypertension!
Being perfect is just so tough!
And perfection can never be enough
So accept yourself as you are
And shine like a bright new star ✴

Ojaswi Thakur is 16 years old and is currently studying in the 11th grade. She lives in Jabalpur, a small city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. She likes to write poems, essays, articles, and stories as well.