Be the Reason Why People Believe in Kind Souls

Livia de Moraes OrsiFebruary 2, 2024

We live together
with people we don’t know.
Wouldn’t the world be easier
if we greet them with a hello?

Asking how they are
instead of just passing by.
Or offering your hand
when someone is falling from a high land.

saying bad words means you are valiant.
But, isn’t it much better
showing you are clement?

Some people who are bad
are mainly those who are sad.
Saying “bless you” to who are gray
will certainly brighten up their way.

Be nice to everyone,
even if you are not well inside.
Because there is no sense
of making them as you are.

If someone ever says
“you don’t need to act like this with me, just be who you are"
you must tell them that being gentle
should be part of everyone’s daily life.

And here is some advice:
do not think your words are a waste.
Because everything good that you say
will come back to you someday.

Wherever you are
and whoever you want to be.
Being kind
is always the best option, I can agree.

Spread love everyday,
on every action you take.
Together we can make our world
a prettier place to stay.

Livia de Moraes Orsi is a poet based in São Paulo, Brazil