Camila PintoApril 10, 2023

Anger is like a thunderstorm
You don't feel warm
You just feel cold
You let it all out
Anger's breath causes destruction
It makes others sad
It makes others mad
All I can see is
The tightness in my eyes
I will try to talk
But I will break in
And leave you out
I want to punch and kick
But should I really throw a fit?
Frustration kicks in
And it doesn't want to leave
I feel my face getting redder
And my face getting drenched
I don't know why I'm mad
It just happened
I'm trying hard to let it go
But even if I try it will still be there
I will breathe in
I will breathe out
I will try to talk
When I'm better
But for now it's just going to be me
And my inner storm

Camila Pinto is a student at Downer Elementary School in San Pablo, California.