Konrad TittelJune 1, 2023
Portrait of a Young Man, Head and Shoulders, Wearing a Cap, about 1470, attributed to Piero del Pollaiuolo. Pen and brown ink over black chalk, 14 1/4 x 9 in. Getty Museum, 2012.3.

Two hazel eyes like pearls
Reflecting the bright light of ambition
Adorn this face,
Navigating the turbulent waves,
Breaking at the beaches
Of my forehead.
Alas, as the winds of time batter
This facade,
The richness, the vigor
Of those waves
Slowly diminishes,
Those ambitious embers
Burning within those eyes
Slowly tapers into a slim
Yet hopeful candle light.

Konrad Tittel is a 15-year-old from Houston, Texas. Konrad is interested in math, science, and writing.