A Simple Rule that Reigns the World

Rutuja ChoudharyMay 19, 2021

She helped her throughout the day
made easy most of her ways
then turning around little Joanna said
"When strangers give, saying 'no'
My fingers do I curl
Now mamma I'm a good girl"
Then she carried on with shy
“Mamma, then will I never die?"

Shocked Miss Clara with her question
although a smart lady, she was concerned
"Even if we beg and even if we pray,
what has begun needs to end someday!
This is the rule of the planet where we live
and of all such planets, do I believe"

"Dear mamma and my dear friend,
is there something that won't end?
What's after death?" asked Joanna the young
Then gracefully Miss Clara sung . . .

"It seems my novice child,
You aren't evolved
Come back to me,
When this problem is solved . . . "

A few years later, young Joanna paused
to convey to mamma that a trouble had been caused
"Now I'm grown up and I wont eat or sleep
until I get a reason for life's depletion
Mom, wonder! If we could draw people from death
I would have been playing with dad yet!

Mom, can't we learn to stop the ceasing of life?
Then everyone would dance in delight
none would ever die and none would ever cry
Can I make this true, if best I try?"

"See Joanna, you can still feel
Dad is close to you and he always will be
A few lines I know,
you're small though, I'll tell you them when mature you grow."

"Is then death false?" cried Joanna the young
then as usual, miss Clara sung:
"It seems my novice child,
you aren't evolved, come back to me
when this problem is solved . . . "

Grown up Joanna, now a lady
rushed to her mom saying "I'm ready!
Mom now I can understand whatever you say
however complicated the answer be may . . . "

"No Joanna, it's that simple
Lying on my deathbed, I won't fable . . .

Mortals are born,
And mortals will die,
What won't end
Is this truth and this lie . . . "