A Faraway Land

Audrey LiuJuly 11, 2022

I look down,
Only to see a faraway land,
My brain goes to different directions,
Places it never goes to.

My stomach feels
Like a thousand knives.
I gulp down a breath I wasn’t even holding,
And turn around to see you.

You look at me questioning,
You don’t know
How it feels,
To be like me.

Thoughts scatter across my brain,
As my body pauses like a robot,
I wish that someone was in control,
Unfortunately no one is.

You can see me struggle,
And you ask me if I need help.
My ears drown out the sound,
To hear a ringing silence.

Audrey Liu is 11 years old. She is in sixth grade and lives in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. She is a hard working student and enjoys reading, writing, playing the flute, dancing, traveling, and getting together with her family and friends during her free time.