A Day in a Woman's Life

Isha SikdarAugust 14, 2013
Photograph by Eleanor Bennett

She opens her eyes to see
The morning sun draw patterns
On her child’s quiet face,
Her love in the shadow that brings peace

She whisks away the anxiety
Of her nervous husband who
Is about to crack a multimillion dollar deal,
Her love in the soothing touch of confidence

She consoles the heart
Of her devastated sister
Who just broke up with her boyfriend,
Her love in the strong comforting hug

She breathes the happiness
Of her blind mother
Ecstatic at knowing about her grandkids’ pranks,
Her love in the stories she tells

She feels the responsibility
Towards her father
Unsure of his abilities,
Her love in the arm of support on his shoulder

At the end of the day
As she takes time to herself
The time she spent
With her loved ones flashes through her mind

She senses the smile
The happiness
The serenity of those close to her
That brings forth the warmth and joy on her own tired face

She now knows that
She is a woman
Her day never ends
And her life is but a web of love

A web, woven intricately
Around the lives
Of those who do and don’t belong to her
Because a woman does not choose, she simply delivers.