A Color of Our Own

Fatema KarimiJuly 1, 2015

We were like clockwork.
A twist from both ends
A slight movement to the right and perfect.

Our minds synchronized, our tempers low.
Our lives in a mixture of fire and earth
Our minds speaking languages only we knew
Our taste in the music of life so clear
Much like bubbling water.

Our rooms filled with colors of blue
Our happy place the beach where
We pretended to be mermaids
On an adventure.

On a roller coaster that keeps spinning until all you can see are colors.
This was the feeling we felt
This was life for you and I.

But now?

Now I see greens and you see reds.
What once was the beach is now just a collapse of earth and water.
What was fire and earth is now air and water for you.
What was a roller coaster of life is now a sidewalk for you.

Bubbling water has become wine, diluted with crimson
You have become a shade of red and I have become a blazing green.
Strangers we are, each a color of our own.

Fatema Karimi is 16 years old and in grade 10 in Karachi, Pakistan. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, swimming, badminton, and teaching underprivileged kids.