Working Toward My Future

Rachel UnthankJanuary 23, 2023Dreams and Desires

My community helps me to be ambitious and go after my dreams through encouragement and motivation. They do this mainly through career employment pathways such as vocational schools, clubs, and elective classes.

My school offers vocational school, which lets me take classes such as nursing, welding, mechanics, and much much more off-campus. These pathways allow me to get experience in fields I would not normally be able to and also give me the potential to get a degree within that specific field. My school also allows me to take elective classes that are rooted in clubs such as Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). These clubs allow me to grow socially and get degrees in these careers. These clubs also offer a small, supportive community of my own, that I can use as a support system and outlet to express and grow my personality.

My community also allows me to take college-level classes and earn college hours and credits without having to pay money. Working hard, I could even graduate high school with my associate’s or bachelor’s degree without ever having to go to a college campus. This allows me to get through college quicker and earn degrees faster, with less debt.

In conclusion, my community uses encouragement and motivation to help me be ambitious and go after my dreams. I am blessed to have the opportunity to use vocational schools, clubs, and elective classes to grow myself and work my way to my future, goals, and aspirations.

Rachel Unthank is a 15-year-old from Mt. Olivet, Kentucky.