Where There is Unity, There is Victory

Katherine ChenAugust 17, 2022Who Am I?

The word “community” itself does not have clear physical boundaries. The core of being part of a community is the feeling of belonging that encompasses character, spirit, and pride — the very conviction that individuals are important to one another, and the faith in the many possibilities engendered by dedication and cooperation. A community is always larger than an individual, and it is the involvement of every individual that makes feasible the creation of something bigger and more significant.

There are numerous advantages that I have personally experienced to belonging to a community that stimulates my personal growth. I personally feel empowered by the encouraging words of my friends and family, and sometimes just their presence reassures my groundless concerns. Impetus is an important aspect ofhumanity, that propels the advent of resolution and not merely the recitation of the safest decision or the most chosen path. The mental support of recognizing one’s undeniable and indisputable place in a well-protected community creates the impetus to take a step further without being shackled by dainty apprehensions.

Being a part of my community also encourages innovation and progress by providing an outlet for my passion. Having a place where I can express my passions, whether academic or not, allows me to share what I care about, such as a new favorite book or series. Despite the things shared being just minuscule snippets of my passions, the act of sharing fosters confidence and encourages others, such as my friends, to garner the courage to unveil their unique or similar passions as well.

The simultaneous illumination on both privacy and publicity breathes in a healthy community. It takes an open bond with new connections to build solid relationships and give us a stronger sense of belonging. My community aids me in reaching my goals and bestows upon me a treasured sense of safety and assurance. Positive reinforcement and incentives are created as hands are held together to accompany each and every person across smooth paths as well as precipitative depths of adversities.

Just like the quote “Ubi concordia, ibi victoria” (“where there is unity, there is victory”), humanity succeeds as a tapestry of different yet confident voices convened to amplify one another.

Katherine Chen is a 16-year-old from Taiwan. She is interested in Chinese calligraphy, poetry, science, and French language and culture.