What's the Secret?

Onkar BordeOctober 17, 2022Citizenship

It was my first day at school, I recall. As my feet drove me toward the classroom, I was both excited and equally nervous. The classroom was buzzing with activity, students, and paper planes! And the expressions on their faces! It was truly overwhelming.

I didn't know anything! Despite the odds and the butterflies in my stomach that come with being an introvert, I was able to make friends on day one of school. I didn't know them and they didn't know me, so how did I manage to connect with them in only one meeting?

It's amazing how, despite all the differences, we as a community are able to stay together and united. I would call this a miracle because it's incredible to see thousands of people together without a leader! I believe I have now figured out why this bond exists.

People with similar goals, thoughts, and beliefs add up to form a unified group, just as we add up with the signs in arithmetic. It is this strong force that helps to keep my community cohesive and free of hiccups. Our fundamental goal, in my opinion, is to live in peace and contentment. As a result, we as a community make every effort to achieve this goal. The conclusion is that every tiny and large effort made by each individual in a group results in desired output or changes!

In addition, a true sense of security and contentment aids in creating and sustaining bonds with one another in a community. It is in our human nature to socialize with others. We can multiply happiness and divide sadness by socializing. It's intriguing indeed! When someone stands beside us, assists us, and supports us, it builds a sense of security and reminds us that we are not alone. Second, having someone with us in both joyful and sad moments is soothing. As a result, this sense of security leads to the formation of a community and the group's continued unity.

Along with all of these aspects, there is a powerful impact emanating from our thoughts, namely attraction, which supports the formation and binding of a community. Consider your favorite cuisine; just thinking about it makes our mouths water and our minds dance with delight! Similarly, we naturally create a bond with someone we like, adore, or simply enjoy being with. The same may be said for communities. When we find someone's ideas, thoughts, or aspirations appealing, we automatically join them, even if it is not in our best interests.

It's not just about my community; if we dig deep enough, the underlying forces that drive and bind any community are the same, just in different forms! These elements, in addition to communities, are the foundations of a happy relationship with our parents, siblings, and with our love.

So, to summarize, community is just a beautiful structure that we admire, but the foundations that keep it standing are embedded deep within. The beauty of oneness is held together by these foundations. Similarity, security, contentment, and attachment are four of them: the four secrets of a community!

Onkar is a 16-year-old who likes playing football and enjoys singing. He is very interested in robotics, along with hacking and programming. He loves writing and sharing his experiences!