What If It's Forever?!

Rasheed SawalhaNovember 15, 2021The Media That Raised Us

We all know what happened on the fourth of October this year. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were globally stopped by an unpublished reason at 15:45 GMT. But what would you do if it were forever?

The owners of these huge companies lost billions of dollars for this defect in several hours, and there were a lot of ways people dealt with this situation. The people who are obsessed with these apps, of course, were not enjoying a calm day, unlike the people who took advantage of the opportunity to spend some time away from these applications. Some people decided to have more time with their families, and others decided to do something they didn’t do long ago, such as reading books, doing sports, practicing hobbies, and so on.

But the main question is: what would you do if it were forever?

How can we deal with our daily lives without these applications, without Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and WhatsApp conversations? Can we go back to our previous lives before they appeared? Or maybe we can use other apps like Snapchat, Skype, Viber, and so on, or maybe try to create a new app that mixes Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram together. What is your opinion about this?

In my opinion, the situation was an opportunity to get out of electronic media captivity. So I decided to completely enjoy my time away from any electrical devices and do things I really missed, such as reading books, taking a walk in my city, and so on.

Rasheed Sawalha is a 16-year-old from Madaba, Jordan (the city named the Arab Tourism Capital of 2022). His hobbies are swimming, playing basketball, and playing bagpipes. Furthermore, he is a talented short story and essay writer.