Welcoming a New Life

Yen-Yi (Annie) KuoMarch 15, 2021Life and Death

The joy of welcoming a new life in Taiwan’s family is undeniably heartwarming. In our culture, there is a saying: “dai dai zhi sun.” This is a way of wishing married couples to have babies, hoping that their babies will have babies too, and so on, as this process carries down to many generations. This is known to be a lucky phenomenon, since by carrying on the generations, the family’s surname will continue to exist despite the passing of hundreds of years. There is another saying, “san dai tong tang.” This is saying how a family is really fortunate and blessed when three generations can live together during the same period of time. This praises how the elders are healthy and live a life that is long enough for them to see their grandchildren come into the world and grow. To many elders, their biggest dream is to have the chance to hold on to their grandchildren before they pass away. Furthermore, people often wish married couples to have a baby soon because being able to unite as families is known to be very precious in our culture. Newborn babies are seen as signs of merriment, fulfillment, and serendipity in our culture. Not only are they always nurtured with great care, they also manage to overwhelm every member of their families with cuteness. Thus newborn babies and young children are definitely the center during family reunions, and no doubt the most exquisite treasure in every Taiwanese family.

Yen-Yi Kuo is 16 years old and lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She is an outgoing person that enjoys time spent with her families and friends. She loves listening to music and making artworks. Moreover, she is an all time passionate writer with a mind full of creativity.