Valuing the Past, Working for the Future

Anna ChasnykOctober 2, 2023Now and Then

We live in a world where you should value every second of your life. Each of us has our own past, present, and future. But when people’s destinies are intertwined, they create a common fate and draw the life of a community. Our Ukrainian community has an eventful past, difficult present, and the brightest future.

The history of Ukraine has many events that hurt, beat, mocked and humiliated our country, and also events that helped its regeneration. A long time ago we had to save our culture and language while almost every neighboring country was against us. Our territories were divided between countries more than once. Our people were forced to be serfs, and they did not have any human rights. Even a global famine was artificially created for the genocide of Ukraine. During the totalitarian regime, Ukrainians who spread their culture and language were brutally punished. We also survived the invasion of Russia, with which we are still fighting. It has not been easy for Ukraine, but we overcame even these obstacles. Each of these terrible events gave us invaluable knowledge, tested our resilience and willpower. Now, knowing what we have been through before, we can say with confidence that we are free and we are worth more, so our past is such an important reminder of our experience.

But those times passed, and life continues. Because only the future can be made the way you want to see it. These days Ukraine is solving a huge problem, war, so citizens are working hard and fighting for their future and for the future of our country. The future has a lot of opportunities because it is in our hands. I know that the best way to appreciate the future is doing our best in the present.

Ukrainian people are very clever and creative. We have already had a lot of achievements. Ukrainian IT is on a high level, the service is very fast. Scientists are very advanced in the field of aircraft construction, which is why our plane named “Mriya” is the largest in the world. Russian soldiers destroyed it, but we are going to rebuild it. Our goal is to improve our economy, our goal is to become ecologically friendly, our goal is to win the war. My community respects, remembers, and values the past, but for us the future is more important, because the future is the time when you can make your dreams come true.

Anna Chasnyk is in the ninth grade. She has recently graduated from music school. She likes self-development, books, pilates, and working for her future happiness. She is also keen on drawing and creating something beautiful.