Utilizing Every Minute

Zainab AamerMarch 14, 2022Time and Space

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence, which is an imperative gift. If one has time, they can accomplish anything, but finding time is the biggest hurdle. Days pass by and, for most, 24 hours do not suffice, whereas others make the most out of these hours. It all depends on how you utilize every minute.

The passage of time is referred to as history. My community in Pakistan considers history extremely pivotal in shaping younger generations’ future to avoid their making the same mistakes made in history. On a small scale, in schools, festivals are held annually, marking the passing of a year. Annual occasions like Eid, Christmas, or national holidays give the younger generation a sense of attachment to history through celebrating and explaining the true meaning behind these occasions. In our community, each new year feels like entering a new era, and it is common practice to set resolutions and work toward becoming a better version of ourselves. My community marks this passage of time every new year with fireworks, countless parties, and celebrations.

Along with celebrations, my community marks previous tragedies with a heavy heart. For instance, the APS school attack in Peshawar resulting in the death of 150 students took place in 2014, but every year there is a display of national despair on 16th of December, to mourn our losses but also remind us how far our country has come in the fight against terrorism.

Conclusively, the main question isn’t how the passage of time is marked but how it is spent. One minute wasted is every minute utilized by the other person striving to achieve their dreams. I firmly believe that the key to success in life is to utilize time efficiently.

Zainab Aamer is an A level student enthusiast who is ambitious to write about different aspects of life.