Unprepared for the Future

Alvaro OnievaApril 20, 2022Time and Space

In 2020, I think the world pressed the reset button. It was like an alarm clock was set a long time ago and everything changed, from holding hands to waving to say hi and goodbye, from going wherever you wanted to lockdown. But there is something that has not changed at all: people throwing away and burning trash and polluting the rivers. It has gotten even worse because of the massive use of masks and new products to protect us from getting sick. It is very upsetting to watch people who do not care about the future of the planet and massive piles of trash burning near the road. The justification for doing it is that it is good for organic farming. Have they ever stopped and thought, “Am I hurting someone by doing this?”

To make things worse, during the pandemic, people started going out to visit family or hang out with friends, going on trips without any protection, not caring about the consequences of future infections. That contributed to the virus growing stronger. The authorities couldn’t do anything to stop it.

People don’t really care about anything, and that includes the future. “I live in the present,” they say. Well, I am happy for them, but if you don´t stop and think about what consequences your actions will have, then you are affecting time and space. Time for the ones you love; if you are polluting and don´t take care of the environment, where will they live? What space will they have to fit?

To be honest, I don’t think this is going to change any time soon. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not,” Dr. Seuss’s Lorax said. All these behaviors and characteristics are visible in young people here. People are still picking the wrong politicians and the only thing they do is make things worse and worse. This means that we still have a couple of more generations of unconscious people. What I and other people can do to help society is to be an example and behave properly, so, in that way, maybe some people are going to realize what they’re doing is completely wrong and, little by little, society here will be better.

Alvaro Onieva is a 16-year-old from Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. In his free time, he likes to solve Rubik's cubes, play the guitar, read books, and watch YouTube videos about different subjects like artwork, scientific explanations about discoveries, music soundtracks, and more.