Ukrainian People are Courageous

Anna ChasnykJune 13, 2023Courage

I have always wondered what courage means to people from all over the world. Does it mean getting a good grade on a test? Or maybe for some people it is just earning money? I think the war has changed our views.

Nowadays a lot of people think that courageous people should be heroes, and that courage involves defending something or someone. That is life. A lot of things in this life are very hard to understand, and sometimes it seems impossible to solve the problem. When you finally solve it, then you can be called courageous.

On the other hand, courage is actually a very subjective concept. And Ukraine is the best example of courage and the unbreakable freedom of a country. I know that nobody can tell you more examples of courageous people than Ukrainians. Nobody could have thought that their lives could be broken or lost during one day. A five-year-old child could not have imagined his house in ruins. Nobody wants to lose their parents, kids, cousins, relatives, or pets when rockets are being thrown. Nobody wants to be killed by Russian soldiers. We thought these situations were impossible. People want to visit Europe and the USA for fun, but not because of running away from death. Currently, Ukrainian people do not know whether their children will be alive or not. Do we deserve it? Does anybody know how we are being terrorized every day? But we must survive! Because Ukrainian people are courageous! This war has taught us how to be united and daring!

Nevertheless, Ukrainian people are constantly raising money for charity in all corners of the world to support our Ukrainian armed forces. Children sing to collect money, and adults never forget to donate. If Russia wants to ruin our lives, homes, and our wish to be free, we will never stop protesting terrorism! We will never stop developing and studying! If they try to break us down, we are strong and we will stand up for our motherland and fight for our freedom and rights to exist!

All in all, I think that is one of the best examples of being courageous. I am proud that I am Ukrainian, and the heroic concessions of Ukrainians motivate me to live, develop, and improve my skills. My nation and my country have shown me the true power of courage. Nothing is more associated with courage than people who endure war.

Anna Chasnyk is a 14-year-old student at at School #10 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. She loves singing, and has been in a choir for the past nine years. In her free time she enjoys painting and playing piano.