The Unbreakable Bond between Now and Then

Clio LeungNovember 19, 2023Now and Then

Raise the flag with honor and sing the national anthem aloud, and you will find yourself immersed in a world full of connections to history. The meaningful colors of the flag along with the voices of pride and unity form an amalgam of the past and the present. There is an annual celebration in Taiwan, a special day where you see both the familiar and unfamiliar faces of your community. Also known as the Double Tenth Day, Taiwan’s National Day serves not only as a bridge that strengthens relationships between people but also as a reminder of significant historical figures who contributed to the nation we have today.

The celebration ceremony commences with the national anthem and the hoisting of the flag. The Presidential Address by Taiwan's President to the country, which is followed by a number of performances by local artists and organizations, serves as the day's high point. During this time, Taiwan's main streets and roadways are lined with Taiwanese flags, creating a vibrant spectacle for visitors. A military parade then follows, and the ceremony closes with fireworks that signify the bright future people look forward to.

Clio Leung is a high school senior from Taiwan whose hobbies include trying out delicious foods and playing volleyball.