The Price of Freedom

Fatima ImranAugust 2, 2021Connection and Isolation

Freedom has a different meaning for everyone, but everyone considers it to be a good thing. Many people believe that freedom means that they can do whatever they wish to do, but that is not true; freedom does give you the right to do what you want to but only if it does not hurt others in any way.

Everyone says that freedom is very important, but freedom comes with a price, which not many are willing to pay. For example, in a country where politicians and government are corrupt, the people won't say anything against the government or the politicians out of the fear of being thrown into jail. People won't care about their political freedom. If freedom means that people should start thinking about the unwelcome political, economic, or environmental consequences of their chosen lifestyles, they do not care about freedom.

Sadly not much has changed since ancient times. The Romans knew that they could keep masses in a servile state if they provided them with food and circuses. Though sad, the reality is that if people are provided with the food they like and entertainment, they will not care about their freedom. Therefore, I believe not many are actually willing to be free. They'll be completely happy as long as they're being provided with the luxuries of life. Not many will care about freedom of speech. They will prefer not to be free than to be held captive for speaking the truth. Many people will step up to protest to get freedom but mostly when they're not free, not when it's others who want freedom. In a state where the minorities are harmed without any reason and aren't safe, only a few people take action against this violence against freedom. The reason behind this is that they aren't being harmed in any way.

I'm not saying that freedom isn't important for anyone, nor would I say that freedom doesn't matter, because it does. There are many people out there who are willing to do what it takes to be actually free. Those who have it should value it, because many don't have it. It takes a lot to be free, especially courage. To all those who are willing to do what it takes to be free, you're amazing people. To those who aren't, well, it's your own choice.

Fatima Imran is in 10th grade at Lahore Grammar School in Pakistan. She is interested in literature, arts, foreign affairs, and politics.