The Past of My Roots

Jessica Ailen BarretoDecember 4, 2023Now and Then

My country is rich in history and has a very sad past. It had two wars; one called the Big War, when three countries confronted Paraguay between 1864 to 1869, and many years later the Chaco War from 1932 to 1935. Another not minor fact is that Paraguay is one of the few countries that became independent without bloodshed. Despite how difficult people's lives were, our grandparents and ancestors were able to bring out the good and raise our country.

A country with a long past and these stories we read in books tell how bloody these wars were. In schools, we commemorate historical dates and do a little research about them. We remember the heroes of these times and that we have a free and sovereign country thanks to them. To commemorate the independence of my country, parades are held on the principal avenues of each city, where students from each school gather to show their respect and patriotism to the sound of drums, dressed in uniforms and carrying the flag. It is difficult to imagine all that these heroes went through and we know that in war no one wins, on the contrary, everyone suffers human losses that are not recovered. This is part of our history and culture that is transmitted through poetry, songs, art, and books.

It is very important that each one of us values and loves the past of our country because it identifies us and makes us better citizens. In addition, we cannot deny where we come from, and so we need to respect our homeland and know the facts of the past related to our community or country, because it identifies us and passes the traditions from generation to generation so that they last.

Jessica Barreto is from Paraguay. Jessica loves writing about different themes, and also reading, studying, and making others happy.