The Light of Curiosity

Anna ChasnykJune 2, 2024AI and the Future of Knowledge

Nowadays, it's harder to be curious. Beautiful shoots of curiosity tend to almost disappear when everything is about stress, problems, addictions, and other things that steal all our time and energy. Even though now we have access to any information in the world through the Internet, AI, books, and lots of different resources, people skip this opportunity, because of a lack of energy left for it.

Since childhood, we have been taught the importance of knowledge. We know exactly how powerful knowledge is, and how far we can go with it. Everyone is familiar with the idea of self-development, and we know and realize its importance, but rarely do we find people who truly prioritize constantly gaining knowledge. It's not that everyone is lazy or does not care, but sometimes people can forget their desires because of the pressure of their problems and other things they have to solve and manage.

I believe everyone has heard a story about an extremely curious child who, while growing up, was judged by his community for his outstanding ideas or annoying behavior. After that treatment, those children lost their little light. Unfortunately, lots of people in the world are seeking knowledge and are in some way pressured by society, so they end up having no time for their curiosity. They are stuck with their routines, problems, and work when the curious part of them is sleeping inside. People who used to read a book or study something in childhood now probably have no time for it.

Living in society, people have a huge impact on each other, and our instincts tell us to fit in. The environment in which we live determines almost everything in our lives: habits, behavior, hobbies, thoughts, and words. If almost everyone in your environment reads books, you will, too. If almost everyone in your environment smokes or drinks coffee, you probably will, too.

But this part of everyone's individuality, which was lost in childhood, and a little motivation can get us farther than we think. If we take a little time each day to study something, it won't ever be pointless, and it can heal our little inner child and make us happy.

Anna Chasnyk is in the ninth grade. She has recently graduated from music school. She likes self development, books, pilates, and working for her future happiness. She is also keen on drawing and creating something beautiful.