The Courage to Speak Up for Myself

Jewel YangJuly 27, 2023Courage

What is the real meaning of courage? There are a lot of definitions for courage. If you ask a stranger or a friend “what is courage?”, some might say courage is the ability to face difficult or challenging circumstances with strength, in spite of probable danger, anxiety, or uncertainty. But if you ask them, “do you have courage?”, they might struggle to find an answer for your question. This is because courage is not easily defined. You probably don’t remember the last time you felt courageous. Many people do not know what courage feels like. When you feel courageous, others might not agree. Courage is not just an emotion: it is the ability to act despite your fear.

Sometimes I ask myself, am I courageous? My answer is yes. I get my courage from the community of people in my country. Despite the difficulties Taiwan had, the people of Taiwan have demonstrated resilience, determination, and courage in their efforts to overcome adversity and build a better future.

Taiwan's creativity and entrepreneurship serve as a source of courage for me. Taiwan is famous for its technological sectors, such as semiconductors, electronics, and biotech, which were developed by risk-takers and entrepreneurs who bravely took on novel challenges and pushed the limits of what was feasible. Due to the fact that it frequently entails taking chances, exploring fresh thoughts, and remaining persistent in the face of disappointments, this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship demands courage. This demonstrates that we should never stop trying and we need to have courage to continue.

Taiwan's culture and history also inspire me to be courageous. Taiwan has a rich and vibrant society that values diversity, innovation, and individual expression as a result of its rich and varied cultural legacy, which includes indigenous traditions, Chinese influences, and contemporary Western influences. Because of the often-involved challenges to established norms and values, acceptance of unfamiliar ideas and perspectives, and defense of one's own identity and beliefs, this cultural diversity and variety call for courage.

Overall, do we really know what courage is? Yes and no. Everyone has a different definition of courage and everyone’s courageous experience is also different. The thing I do know is that I have courage and Taiwan’s history gave me courage. It gave me courage to speak up for myself.

Jewel Yang is 11 years old and lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys living in the social media world and finds herself a fan of Tik Tok trending dances and everything about YouTube vlogging.