Solidarity and Leadership

Angeles Sofia Godoy SantosJuly 8, 2021Connection and Isolation

Mutual support brought hope to my community in the middle of isolation.

In uncertain times, when fear and worry took possession of our lives, leadership and solidarity took place in this fight. It is wonderful how my neighbors and even my own family offered to do things for other people, to lend a hand in this difficult time. Solidarity and leadership emerged for the common good. This way of helping vulnerable people and supporting them is so admirable that I will never forget those faces of grateful people; seeing the smiles when we put food in their hands was a great feeling. Despite unemployment, mental health problems, virtual classes, and many other things, my community found good ways to deal with all of this.

In times of desperation, as citizens, we look for and find solutions. During the beginning of the pandemic, approximately 150,000 people lost their jobs. Many were affected, especially low-income people in my community, who depended on monthly salaries. Quickly, despair and lack of money hit the economy of many families. Due to the terrible situation, the people of my community created a volunteer group to make lunch for the children and elderly. This act of humanity gave us hope again and also marked a before and after in the heart of each person of my community.

There is a thriving community when we have leadership and solidarity. A lot of people are left in a situation of economic vulnerability, in a situation where they could even lose their houses for not paying the rent. People in my community, seeing this terrible situation, collected money by selling stuff, such as food, second-hand clothes, and more. They did everything to help those people. Here we can see a clear example of what solidarity and positive leadership means. I am sure that without these two important values, my community could not have gotten through this situation.

I just can say that I am so proud of the people from my community, for their values, determination, but above all for their humanity and solidarity they knew perfectly when and where to use it. We cannot hide how hard the situation was, but despite everything, they always find ways to solve it, all together, supporting each other.

Angeles Sofia Godoy Santos is a 17-year-old from Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. She is interested in politics. She also likes painting, making macrame, cooking deserts, and listening to music.