Remembering Influential Heroes

Clio LeungApril 12, 2021Life and Death

Honoring important figures who contributed significantly to our community is common. Reminiscence and memories tend to engulf people. Those influential heroes who once changed our lives will forever be remembered, and they are of paramount importance in our memories. However, what exactly does my community do to remember those people?

There are multiple things people do to remember important figures. One way my community commemorates important figures is through public rituals, which play an important role in society. Specific days when remarkable events have occurred will be recorded and known as holidays. Subsequently, annual celebrations will be held to remember those people who made the events remarkable. In conjunction with rituals and celebrations, mournful feelings trigger people. Celebrating annual events is a great way to help people remember those who have passed long ago. In addition, establishing buildings which allow people to visit is also a way people keep memories of important figures alive. These buildings include the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, which attract not only local visitors but also foreign ones. Furthermore, visiting their graves can also be another way to show honor and remembrance.

In conclusion, rituals, holidays, and events are ways to remember important figures. Despite the fact that commemoration is indispensable, worthwhile, and important, it also shows great unity. Ritual is the only pathway that connects us with those important people who have passed away, while ceremonies enable us to show grief. Reunions for these occasions connect us to our history and those significant people. Last but not least, we create identity and show remembrance.

Clio Leung is a 13 year-old living in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys drawing and playing games during her free time.