My Personal Growth

Polina UsenkoJuly 25, 2022Who Am I?

There are so many things that build up a person. Each day of our lives teaches us a certain lesson and gives us an opportunity to perfect our personality. All the people around us can become our role models, show us the results of their decisions, help us understand what is good to do and what is better to omit.

As for me, my parents and relatives, my friends, schoolmates, and my whole community influences my personal growth daily. They encourage me to understand that the only human being I am competing with is me. I’m better at some things than others, and others are better than me in other things. My parents always support me and teach me that the most important thing about success is the process itself. Our habits are the most crucial thing in our lives. The real work is to do things you have planned every single day, even when you don’t feel like it. This develops my habits as well. I can’t expect to build a life-lasting practice if I only apply it for a couple of days. Scientists say that it takes 66 days to create an automatic habit.

My teachers tell me that 10% of life is what happens to us and 90% is how we respond to it. I understand that I can’t change the things that happen, but I can change my reaction to them. My parents also say if a person complains about life, then he/she has already lost. We have to work hard, believe in a better future, and never ever give up!

As for me, a couple of years ago I decided to develop some useful habits in my life and enjoyed the process a lot. Some of them are initiative; willingness to try new things; planning ahead; organization; self-management with regard to money, cooking, laundry, etc.; good study habits; managing my time better; physical fitness and healthful habits; ability to maintain relationships over time; friendship development and others.

I believe that self-improvement is the only way to create a better version of myself. It’s often hard work, but I feel extremely happy because I’m not alone — my family, friends, relatives, teachers, and my whole community support my personal growth every day. I am 100% thankful to each and every person for helping me realize that my better version is inside of me and the only thing I have to do is to follow my plan, stand up after falling, learn the lesson, and continue non-stop!

Polina Usenko is in eighth grade and lives in Kiev, Ukraine with her parents, two canaries, and her dog, Richy. When she has free time, she likes reading books, dancing, playing with her dog, taking photos, and writing poems. Her friends are very positive people and she enjoys spending time with them.