My Community’s Way of Sharing Knowledge

Favor JacksonJuly 8, 2024AI and the Future of Knowledge

I reside in a large community in Montserrado County, Liberia, known as “Thinker Village.” My community is there to motivate and inspire people in times of need. My community shares knowledge by building primary and secondary schools in our region. This serves as a breeding ground for positive and passionate young leaders in Liberia. There are different teaching styles that are incorporated in the educational system. The most prominent that is being encouraged is “student-centered” learning. This style brings out the best in students by encouraging them to be themselves and cultivate a mindset for change in society. Practical skills are being given to students as well as community engagement projects.

My community also shares knowledge by building a trade (vocational) school for those who don’t have the means of attending academic school. There is also a place of higher learning called “Best Brain” in my region. It is a college that is affordable and accommodates students who are unable to pay for bigger universities.

As a community in Liberia, oral storytelling, traditional dances, and songs are ways of the older generation teaching the younger ones the values of society. These ways of sharing knowledge have been practiced since the times of our forefathers. In 2009, a few years after 14 brutal years of civil war, an organization was established in my community known as “United Girls.” The goal was to have like-minded adults nurture determined young people on the impacts of the war and the importance of maintaining peace. And the young people were encouraged to share their ideas and knowledge with their peers in and around Thinker Village. My community is a talented community that supports education, especially for youth.

Favor Jackson is a 16-year-old from Liberia.