My Community Supports My Dreams

Leroy G. DiggsFebruary 9, 2023Dreams and Desires

I classify community as the people that support, encourage, and motivate me. My community consists of my family, my teachers, and the few friends that I have at school. Ever since I was a little boy, I have always liked being by myself. Therefore, the people I associate with are very few. Being a person who keeps to themselves, I get misunderstood a lot. People say I’m selfish, some say my parents don’t allow me to play with my friends and many other things. My parents, Mrs. Nana F. Diggs and Mr. Stephen Y. Diggs, are my biggest supporters and they always push me to put in my best in everything I do. They are always open to hearing my new ideas and ambitions. I liked playing football (soccer) when I was in elementary school, and I was very good at it. I used to tell my parents that I would grow up to be a famous footballer.

When I entered junior high, geography became my favorite subject. I enjoyed learning about the earth and all of it features and layers — it still amazes me. I told my parents that I want to be a geoscientist when I grow up, and they have supported my ambition so much. They take me to tourism sights in Liberia, they buy me books, they help me research many great geoscientists, and more. My community, though very small, has supported my dreams more than anyone else ever will.

Leroy G. Diggs is a 14-year-old writer from Liberia.