Molded By My Community

Om KakkadAugust 1, 2022Who Am I?

“I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me.” - Brigitte Nicole

So, who am I?

This is a question everyone must be asking themselves! Sometimes we see that we end up becoming a person who we never thought of or wanted to become. I like to listen to everyone but make decisions on my own. I feel being independent is a very important aspect of life. Maybe that’s why I like to associate with people who trust me and respect my decisions. However, I also think we are most ourselves when someone encourages or supports us or is a part of our personal growth. I am like a piece of clay that is molded by my community. I am made from all the people whom I have met — family, friends and even strangers.

Most people think I am naturally quiet. That can be true to some extent, but to people who know me, I am a completely different person. I am quite talkative with friends and family. I get all my characteristics from my near and dear ones. From my grandfather I have learnt patience and simple living. From my grandmother I have learnt kindness and to always help anyone in need. From my mother I have learnt basically everything that makes me "ME." From my father I have learnt to dream big and also that hard work is the key to success. From my brothers and sisters I have learnt love, sharing, and enjoying every moment as it comes. From my friends I have learnt social skills and coordination. And, how can I forget, from my dog Grace I have learnt gracefulness, no pun intended.

My community is also the books I have read, which have also influenced who I am today. From them I learnt that I don’t really like fiction, so I read motivational books like Who Moved My Cheese and The Simple Path to Wealth. From the movies and videos that I have seen, I got my sense of humor.

And even my surroundings play a major part in supporting my personal growth. When I was in my previous school, I was shy and didn’t talk much, even with my friends. But now you can ask anyone who is associated with me, even my teachers, and they’ll say I am not quiet.

So, once again, Who am I? I am still looking for an answer to this because our attributes, interests and other things that define us may change in life.

So, till then . . . I am me.

Om Kakkad is a 14-year-old from India. He is a sports enthusiast and is passionate about golf. It is not only the vast green expanse of golf that beckons him, it is also coding, game development, drawing, and music that fill his day with interesting engagements. And one thing he never misses is his fun time with his five pet dogs.