Love’s True Colors

Abdullah EtanFebruary 9, 2022Love

Love is a tricky feeling; everyone has a different definition of it. Some see it as a dream they can never reach, while some see it as destiny or fate. For others, it is a curse, something that is keeping them from moving forward, from changing into a better person — that’s their point of view.

I think that love and the mind are connected. The mind puts chains around us and questions everything, every aspect, but when love comes in, it melts the chains away and doesn’t question anything if it’s for the people we care about.

Love is a weird feeling. If you love someone, you start to see their face everywhere and remember them at every occasion. You look at the sky and you remember how beautiful they are; you look at rocks and you remember how tough they are; you look at water and see their purity. It’s really a beautiful stage that love puts us through. We will believe the lie that the people we love are perfect because love has blinded us and doesn’t let us see their mistakes.

I always believe that love is one of the many problems that destiny puts in our way, and there are a lot of ways to face this problem. You can stop there and never continue, you can try to hold onto it and continue on your way, or you can just ignore it and live with the idea of how much better life could have been if you had held onto it. In all of these ways, you will regret your choice, because love holds many mysteries, mysteries we can’t comprehend, and that’s the beauty of love: it holds a million possibilities and they are all beautiful .

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning.” —Paulo Coelho

Abdullah Etan is a 16-year-old from Madaba, Jordan. In his free time, he likes to read books, play video games, and watch documentaries about myths and legends. He loves all kinds of music.