Learning from Our Mistakes

Favor JacksonNovember 8, 2023Now and Then

My community’s name is Thinker’s Village. In my community we value the past because my we engage in practices from the past. My community values those things that our forefathers did in the past, like the laying of baskets in order to catch fish, the setting of traps for animals to use them as meat for cooking, and most of all the production of palm oil. My community values the past, the past helps us learn from our ancestors' mistakes. By looking at our past, we are taught how we should reach our goals. Without the past, learning from my ancestors’ mistakes would have been difficult for me.

Not learning from the past would have meant being unable to learn the value of education and self worth. When I was living in the Rock Hill community from the age of eight to 13, I found myself displaced, because I lived around some friends that were leading me on the wrong paths.

As a part of my past, I learned from my mistakes through an organization called Kids of Peace headed by Mrs. Vaiba Broffee. I highly appreciated her for her impact on my life, and others as well. This shows me the importance of reflecting on the past, so that we can learn from our errors.

We learn to value the past from our parents and extended families. Our family values stem from social and cultural values. In my community about 85% of the population is engaged in things of the past, why? Because they have so much interest in the past activities of their forefathers, some of which include: farming, fishing, hunting, weaving, and cultural dances as well. Things of the past have more benefits like getting food, money to buy other things for children, and using products properly.

Some people have very bad pasts in life. If they sit and think about their pasts, they would feel discouraged and wish to transform their lives from their past mistakes so that they can make changes in their life.

To conclude, I will list some advantages of valuing the past.
1. The past can help you to better your life.
2. The past can also help you when you are studying, for instance when you reflect on the past, literature, theories, and the impact they have made.

It is important then, to reflect on the past, so that we can learn from our errors.

Favor Jackson is a 16-year-old from Liberia.