It Feels . . . Vague

Nana Adjoa Nsiah-AsareMay 20, 2024Crisis & Change

What is life? Many say it is merely a state of being. Others will say it is what we make it. Our future, our connections, our relationships. Sure, all of this is important: each answer makes up a portion of it, this vast topic which is life. However, at the end of it all, you are still left with this empty feeling.

That emptiness eats you up, little by little. Soon, you feel empty everywhere. You can feel it inside you. The vagueness of life makes you wonder why you exist. Your purpose, goals, and ambiguous thoughts. Did you have them? If you did, you wonder what happened to them. You feel neither happiness nor unhappiness and it does not seem to bother you.

Still, even with the vagueness of life, no matter how empty you are feeling inside, you can find a way to go beyond. To move toward the limit break. The emptiness you feel inside should not be what stops you from moving forward. It should not hold you back. Instead, fill it. Fill the emptiness. Overcome life. Fyodor Dosteovsky said we must overcome ourselves if we want to overcome the world.

This does not mean you will be filled and by the process “cured,” but at least you have things to commit to. Life isn’t some grand chapter that makes up your existence, you just exist by circumstances and you have a "life" by what you choose to use your existence for. Life is a vague concept but we all have our own personal take on what it is; I can’t preach my idea of it to you and neither can you to me. Live your own life. Manage your emptiness, and do your best to be proud of whatever your life has been before your untimely ending.

Nana Adjoa is a 16-year-old in her second year of senior high in Ghana. She usually writes in past time, listens to music, or takes pictures of landscapes when she deems the scene worthy. She loves to draw, sing, or watch anime.