In My Community, We Stick Together

Favor JacksonFebruary 2, 2023Dreams and Desires

I grew up in a community named Rock Hill Community in West Africa, Liberia. Rock Hill, as it is called for short, is classified as a slum community. I was an eleven-year-old third grader and I had to help my mom sell head ties (headwraps) to provide for my siblings and me. In Rock Hill it is quite common for young children to become bread winners for the home because the living condition is very poor, and this often leads to kids getting involved with activities that may damage their future. Though I was very little and shouldn’t have been selling, I was very good at it, and I persuaded many people to buy my head ties. My community has faced many challenges, but we stick together and look out for each other. We have great leaders in the community who help us as much as they can. One person who has helped so many young girls in the Rock Hill community is Mrs. Vaibah Flomo. Mrs. Flomo takes on the initiative to support young girls in the community through her organization “Girls for Peace.” She has initiated many programs that teach young girls to be creative, productive, and to be peacemakers, team players, and to take care of the environment etc. Being a part of the organization has changed my life forever.

When I lost my mother in 2016, my community supported me and my family so much. Mrs. Flomo again took the initiative to ensure that I remained in school. She got me in connection with the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, which has full responsibility of me until I graduate from college. Being on the Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship program has been very good for me. I have participated in so many programs and have met many great people such as Brian Kelly the Points Guy, Noble Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, and many other great people. Growing up in a community like Rock Hill can take away your confidence because everyone is classified in a failure category with no hope of a better future. Though there are many negative sides to my community in Rock Hill, we stick together and support each other. It is because of the support of my community that I am on the path to a great future.

Favor Jackson is a 16-year-old from Liberia.