How My Community Encourages Personal Growth

Jewel YangJune 20, 2022Who Am I?

In a variety of ways, my school has promoted or supported my personal development. An example is our school’s values, “D’TORCH.” I am a student at Dominican International School. D’TORCH stands for the Dominican TORCH: truthful, organized, reflective, courageous, and helpful.

My community's teaching of the value of truthfulness has helped me grow as a person. It is a venial sin to lie. You will commit fewer sins if you try to be more truthful. Of course, everyone commits sins, but attempting to be more truthful can help you grow as a person.

Being organized has taught me that it has a significant impact on my life. I've recently realized that when my surroundings are cluttered, I find it difficult to focus.

I used to be terrible at reflecting on my mistakes. Now, I am better at it. Reflecting upon my mistakes helps me to calm down. Being reflective is a great life skill when you are too mad.

I used to be the quiet kid in class, but now I enjoy conversing with others. Being shy taught me that being courageous has a lot of benefits. You will have amazing social abilities if you are brave. You will not be frightened to approach strangers, act on stage, or attend crazy events.

Finally, helping others has led me to be a nicer and kinder person. It is often simple to assist others. Your friend, for example, has fallen; giving them a helping hand would be quite useful. People value the small things in life.

I believe the TORCH values definitely aren't just taught in my community. They are universal values. In other communities, the TORCH values may be taught in different forms and ways, but they impact everyone all the same.

Jewel Yang is 11 years old and lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys living in the social media world and finds herself a fan of Tik Tok trending dances and everything about YouTube vlogging.