How Can You Show Love?

Anastasia KorobkaFebruary 7, 2022Love

What is love? Is it a gift from the universe or a punishment from God? Is it an expression of love when you bring a cup of warm tea with honey to your friend whenever he has a cold or when you pet your favorite black cat with mutual pleasure? How can you show love? Let’s try to answer these questions.

First of all, I should tell you what love is for me. Actually, I don’t have an answer because I think that love is everything. I can’t explain this feeling, because everyone understands it in a different way. My parents and I usually show our love by giving presents. Every New Year, birthday, Christmas, and St. Nicolas Day we buy or make gifts for each other. And believe it or not, it has become a tradition that I love!

My friends who date someone always celebrate St. Valentine Day, All Women’s Day, and Gentlemen’s Day every year. It’s one of their traditions. Those who are not in a couple often hang out with friends and have a great time on these days, too. At school we have special secret mail on St. Valentine’s Day to express our love without being rejected. You can write a Valentines card to a person you like, put it in a box, and it will be delivered to the addressee on the 14th of February. So if you're too shy to give it personally or for any other reason, it’s a good way to tell someone that you love him or her.

There are plenty of methods you can use to demonstrate love. So don’t be a coward and tell the person you are fond of about your feelings right now! Be kind and share your love with everyone you know. Don’t forget about your family members, your relatives, your friends, your pets, your neighbors, and your whole community!

Anastasia Korobka is in the ninth grade and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. She lives with her parents and enjoys reading, especially novels and crime thrillers. She also adores writing poems, painting, swimming, drawing, and doing crafts. When she has free time, her friends and I play volleyball or go to the gym. She is fond of taking pictures from different angles, having picnics, and spending time with her friends.