Honoring the Past

Marium IhsanApril 18, 2022Time and Space

Every person belongs to their own culture. They have their own sketches and illustrations for proceeding through life and they value these sketches. More often than not, these are deeply rooted in the history of a community or country. The culture of a community is significantly interpersonal and imperative to building the identity of an individual and their identity within their community as well.

The past in its nature is increasingly important to the growth and the development of a community’s progress and in molding it for the better. Understanding the actions, values, and cultures of the past and implementing the core of those values within today’s world is how a community respects and gives honor to its past.

My people, Pakistanis, consider past ideas, values, and practices quite significant and we are sure to hold true to the ideas of the past in the present as well. One of the methods Pakistanis use to honor the founder of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jiinah, is by giving high regard to principles like “unity, faith, and discipline.” These guiding lights are often quoted, cited, and echoed through every path of life, whether it be in education, work, or the sincerity to values in one’s day-to-day life. Neither Pakistan nor its people have forgotten the message, the ideals, and most importantly the sacrifice of the man who fought bravely for their personhood and autonomy and ensured their safety within their own homeland. Similarly, his leadership and characteristic is celebrated and incorporated into the present legislatures, governance, and the social fabric of society.

Another crucial aspect of Pakistani culture is religion; perhaps, one that most Pakistanis would stress beyond all else. For this reason, the rituals, practices, and ideals within Islam are cherished and taught from a young age. The reason for this is to ensure that the teachings and practices of the religion are always an integral part of individuals, so that we do not become disconnected from our religion. The community holds these practices at the heart of the society and ensures that they are consistently and continuously practiced.

Continually, one of the most significant aspects of any community is its language. At the heart of Pakistani culture lies Urdu; its historical and linguistic importance has never died down. It has always been practiced, taught, illustrated, and portrayed through media, education, journalism, writers, and orators who continue to spread the language to every corner of the nation. It truly has depth and meaning like no other, and its rich history in poetry and in calls for freedom enhances the importance it holds even today.

Notably, any country or community has a lot to share and learn from its history. The ideas and values of the past are significant even in the present day because of how they add to the growth and progression of any country.

Marium Ihsan is a 15-year-old from Lahore, Pakistan, who enjoys writing articles about topics she is passionate about and exploring new and interesting areas of science.