Finding Meaning through My Community

Oliver CampuzanoDecember 11, 2023Finding Meaning

What is the meaning of life? When we think about it, we usually begin to question ourselves about the things that we have already done, the things that we have not, and many more questions that confuse us even more.

Usually in these cases we think individually, but what would happen if we did not focus only on ourselves and also thought about others, about the members of our community? With this thought in mind I ask myself, “What does it mean to find meaning in our community?” I sincerely believe that there is no answer that we can say with complete certainty, because it is something that each person defines according to their position and experiences.

What is a community? We can say that it is a group of people who share common elements, whether they are customs, language, vision, geographic location, or others. But above all, I believe that a community is where you feel supported and can thrive, a place where you can find yourself by finding others.

So what does it truly mean to find meaning in a community? I believe that despite all the differences that may exist between people in a community, we are united and connected in the process of finding the specific meaning of what we seek. What we all want deep down is simply to live, to have new experiences that allow us to share with others, learn about ourselves, discover everything that surrounds us, and inform and prepare ourselves for the adventure that comes to us every day. For me, every day that passes is a new adventure that I must discover and experience.

Oliver Campuzano, from Paraguay, is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. He is passionate about things related to psychology, history, and science. In the future Oliver would like to study psychology because he is very interested in mental health and the way people think. He would love to have his own psychology office. In his free time he likes to listen to music, play basketball, hang out with friends, and also spend time alone to get to know himself and reflect.