Facing Ourselves

Jessica Ailen BarretoJanuary 8, 2024Finding Meaning

Life is full of searching and questions, and without a doubt the desire to find the meaning of everything is one of them. However, finding the meaning of things is not as simple as looking for a word in the dictionary, it is something that undoubtedly goes much further, because in most circumstances we must overcome different challenges to achieve a purpose, whether personal or social, that can give us those moments of happiness or satisfaction that we want.

Many times we will have to take risks and explore the unknown, discover new things, and in some cases even face our fears and ourselves, since, most of the time, they are the ones that do not allow us to find the meaning or purpose of things. And I know that facing ourselves may sound terrifying, but by doing so we open ourselves to a new stage, in which we will undoubtedly get closer to discovering everything we are looking for. Personally, I usually try to appreciate and value all things, no matter how small they are, since for me, if we do not appreciate what we already have and focus only on everything that we have not yet discovered, there may come a time when we lose something very important without even having realized its importance.

I believe that any purpose or objective can be important, it’s all in how we see it. One clear example is the desire that my community has for our soccer team to be champion of the local league and thus be able to advance to the national championship. All my neighbors and friends have been waiting for years, and we go to watch each game full of joy because we believe that it is worth it to encourage our team and that at some point maybe we can reach our goal. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but for the moment I am very happy that my entire community is united in the pursuit of this dream. This is clearly an example of how something that, for many, may not mean much can, for others, mean something so important that it reaches the point of uniting an entire community.

Jessica Barreto is from Paraguay. Jessica loves writing about different themes, and also reading, studying, and making others happy.