Enchanted by AI

Jaime SorianoJuly 10, 2024AI and the Future of Knowledge

Nowadays, it is really common to use AI to solve problems, such as doing your college assignments or cooking a delicious recipe. AI is getting more and more powerful and I find it interesting to talk about how my community views its use.

First, I can’t deny that AI is popular in my community. A lot of my classmates make use of this technology owing to the fact that it is easy to use, faster, and precise about whatever you request. As a result, my community is enchanted by AI. Nevertheless, a tiny fraction of society is beginning to criticize it, due to the fact that it makes humans lazier.

Second, my community believes that with this technology we can make huge discoveries, for instance travel to other planets such as Mars or create the first robots with the appearance of a human. Furthermore, these ideas produce more expectations in not only students or workers, but also scientists and huge companies.

An additional point is that my community is starting to think that AI can replace humans. It is obvious that we need work, but some work in particular fields in relation to art or communication are in danger of extinction. We can see perfectly that AI can make pictures so gorgeous in a few minutes. Moreover, you can talk with AI such as you do with your family.

Finally, in my view, AI is a great invention. However, I don’t believe that this technology is good enough to replace us. Humans are made of feelings, experiences, and ideas, and AI doesn’t have these. But we can’t know the future.

Jaime Soriano is a high school student from Madrid, Spain