Citizenship: The Right to Have Rights

Abdullah EtanNovember 14, 2022Citizenship

Citizenship is an important aspect of a country’s rise or fall. It’s the shield that makes us more powerful and ready to face more challenges. The meaning of citizenship is to hold allegiance to a country or a state, and, to fulfill your allegiance, you need to follow the rules, protect the country, and work to benefit your country .

What’s beautiful about citizenship is that people care about each other and help those in need. That’s because people start to realize that we are all in this together and no one is living alone. Every action you take may affect others, so people start to care, to watch out for every move they take and to look out for each other’s backs .

Citizenship is not only about standing with each other, it’s also about improving each other and benefiting the country that we live in. It’s important for schools to teach kids what citizenship is and that it’s not only about following the rules but about helping and receiving help.

Every country has different kinds of events or rituals which are a sign of citizenship. From my point of view, people uphold citizenship because they are in love with the country they follow, they are afraid to be left alone, or they are looking for peace and protection from others.

To quote Hannah Arendt, citizenship is “the right to have rights.”

Abdullah Etan is a 16-year-old from Madaba, Jordan. In his free time, he likes to read books, play video games, and watch documentaries about myths and legends. He loves all kinds of music.