Cinematography: The Token of Modern Stories

Natalie TaiNovember 1, 2021The Media That Raised Us

The art of film has become the token of modern storytelling, narrating the perils and pitfalls of contemporary living within the shifting frames of silver screens. Through the language of motion, sound, and emotional expression, cinematography has encapsulated the values and archetypes of human nature, inspiring and exploring the endless possibilities of today and tomorrow.

With changing moral codes and new notions of normality now breaking boundaries of conventional culture at an unprecedented pace, film has set the stage for a revolution in philosophical resilience and sociocultural diversity. It is a safe haven for the silenced voices of the past, a middle ground for the polarized stances of the present, and a platform for fearless experimentation so as to challenge the unwritten laws of the natural world. Most of all, film inspires empathy. Within this global theater of ancient colorbars and superficial confinements, film puts everybody, regardless of division, into the same lenses of perception, just as it allows people to walk those same two moons in a vicarious reality. It pushes people beyond the invisible lines of traditional language and culture, reminding humanity that, beneath the spheres of division, lie the same pillars that uphold a shared name of humankind. At last, we are the same, the importance of which shall not be underestimated, as empathy holds the power of seeding a future of coexisting diversity in peace and mutual contentment.

Film chronicles of humanity’s mistakes and milestones. It offers more than momentary escapism and teaches us more than a single moral. It illustrates our differences while celebrating the blood of the human race we share. It shows just how unique yet undivided humanity can be, catalyzing a journey for humanity to find the shared definition of human.

Natalie is a young social issues blogger and an aspiring writer who works in and out of school to polish her craft. She is also an editor for her school's newspaper and a writer for her school magazine.