Babies and Young Children in Ukraine

Dimitriy UvchenkoApril 26, 2021Life and Death

In the Ukrainian community, people always say that children are the wealth of the family. We believe that the more members of the household, the more prosperous it will be.

Whenever Ukrainians learn that a baby is going to be born in the family, they organize a real feast. The future parents usually invite their closest friends and relatives to share their happiness. Our nation is very hospitable, so we set a large table full of different dishes to celebrate the special occasion. Very often the future mother and father start to plan who will be the godparents for their baby in advance. In most cases they are the couple’s best friends and relatives.

As soon as the children are born, grandmothers and grandfathers rush to help the unexperienced parents. In most families they start living together and bringing up the babies as one big clan. The cuties are often carried around the house, pretending to be little planes. A lot of photos are taken every day to remember all the special moments of the children’s lives. Numerous toys are used to entertain and encourage the development of the babies’ minds.

When the child gets a little older, his or her parents always try to develop their talents and skills. There are hundreds of different preschool clubs to define and perfect the abilities of all young children. As a result, all family parties are full of adorable little actors’ concerts, including dancing, reciting poems, singing songs, gymnastic tricks, and others. All parents are extremely proud of their talented children.

Generally, parents in Ukraine admire the little members of their families very much. They don’t pay much attention to all their sleepless nights, because when their children smile they are the happiest creatures in this world! Without doubt, all babies are the most beautiful flowers of human life!

Dimitriy Uvchenko is a 16-year-old who lives in Kiev, Ukraine with his mum, brother, a cat named Zefitka, and a big parrot named Gosha. When he has free time, he likes to take photos, fix electrical appliances, ride scooters, and learn English.