Artificial Intelligence in Today's Society

Lucia Armida VilataJune 24, 2024AI and the Future of Knowledge

Nowadays, society uses technology in day-to-day life for many tasks, like helping communication between people over long distances, making information easier to find and more accessible through the Internet, etc. But what does society think of the recent advances in artificial intelligence?

On one hand, there are people who think that we should stop developing artificial intelligence until we check if it is really reliable, because they are not sure that artificial intelligence is safe.

Additionally, they think that artificial intelligence could compete with humans and some people worry about the possible risks and negative consequences of artificial intelligence, such as job loss, the violation of rights such as data privacy, the manipulation of information, and the threat to the safety of people and exposure to possible abuse.

In addition, there is a shortage of qualified professionals to develop artificial intelligence, apart from the high cost of development for companies.

On the other hand, there are people who think it has been a very necessary advance to be able to shorten the time to perform more necessary tasks for the manufacturing of products, in addition to reducing human mistakes such as data entry, precision in data analysis, and decision making. Furthermore, they mention advances in the health sector, such as personalized diagnostics and improvements in medical research, as well as the analysis of security mistakes and prevention of fraud, computer attacks, and accidents. They think that artificial intelligence can boost productivity and promote innovation in different areas of society.

Lucia Armida Vilata is a high school student from Madrid, Spain.