A Path Toward Personal Development

Jazmín MontielJune 5, 2022Who Am I?

We often hear the words "personal growth" used to refer to undertaking activities to improve and enhance potential and talents. However, this not only applies to improving personal aspects of our lives. It also helps further our knowledge and our well-rounded and productive skills on a more “professional” level.

This kind of support in a community is essential, since it helps us engage and motivates us to be the “best version” of ourselves. But this catchphrase is easier said than done; personal growth takes time and so much effort. This progress is built according to the personal needs and wants of the individual.

The idea of becoming your own best self can be overwhelming and many times leads to getting stuck on your routine. That “stuck” feeling might stick with you. I know this, since it happened to me.

For over a year, I lived in what felt like a constant loop of monotony. I had the same daily routine; my ambitions and goals fell into what seemed like a black hole. I had no clue how to continue or what to expect next. Trying to just keep myself active and productive got really hard.

I thought constantly of having to search for ways to increase my skills and embrace my potential with the leftover time I had. I looked for help and advice from my community through talks and discussions. This provided me with a starter path, where I had to explore and find my way to my goals and personal development.

I started with making a list of goals, each divided into different approaches on how to get there. My community helped me address what I needed to work on and focus on. This helped my path get clearer.

Working on these specific goals and adapting to each specific context led me to find my strongest skills and what is most important to me: teaching, writing, and leading or working on projects. This gave me a foundation for the kind of person I am.

Talking to your community, looking at videos, and reading articles help you to reflect on your situation and how to enhance your potential. Start with the low-hanging fruit.

My progress encouraged me not only to learn more about myself but to understand and approach others, not only to find but to create solutions – to be the solution.

Personal development is focusing on and looking ahead for ways to better yourself. This helps you increase and embrace your self-esteem, skills, and aspirations. This path helps you lead a clearer and more fulfilled life. Personal development is a marathon — not a race — that is based on your personal needs.

Jazmín Montiel is a 15-year-old from Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. She enjoys writing and scouting.