Where I'm From

The PsychePoetry

I am from brown-coated tennis shoes,

From sweat-filled Federer caps.

I am from hot, spicy traditional food,

From fried eggs and Friday night Pizza.

I am from jogging to bustops,

From tardiness every few days.

I am from the aroma of fresh baked cookies,

That I can smell everyday.

I am from the fresh Hackensack river,

From the brown townhouses of my neighborhood.

I am from Harbor Key,

From the class clowns,

And the teacher’s pets.

I am from my dad,

And my mom who survived cancer.

I am from the headphone shaped scar,

The bike adventures on the bridges.

From the baby blue shade covering every spot of my room,

The drawers, the walls, the bed, the books.

This is the funnel of my life,

The moments that I remember,

the sliver of the world that means everything.

Vanita Sharma is an 8th grader in Ridgewood, New Jersey. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, writing short stories, and reading fiction. She is interested in astronomy and plans to watch the next lunar eclipse.

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