Now and Then

Maha ShamsiOctober 18, 2023Now and ThenPoetry

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk

Now and Then, an intimate ballet,
Like cosmic partners, forever to sway,
In graceful union, their steps align,
A symphony of moments, divine.

In the realm of Now, courage takes flight,
Igniting passions, breaking through the night,
With wings of belief, dreams soar high,
Creating a tapestry, where hopes never die.

Yet in the embrace of Then, solace prevails,
When life's tempests rage and courage fails,
In memories' arms, we find sweet reprieve,
Nostalgia's sanctuary, where hearts can retrieve.

Now and Then, a paradox to behold,
Threads of existence, intricately woven, bold,
They shape our narratives, our destinies quest,
An eternal dance, where time finds its rest.

So let us cherish the embrace they share,
For without one, the other remains bare,
In life's tapestry, they find their place,
A harmonious duet, where spirits embrace.

Maha Fawad Shamsi is a student at Lahore Grammar School Defence in Pakistan. She is a 17-year-old who believes that fictional worlds are way better than reality. Her life revolves around books, movies, and music. Maha could talk about Marvel for hours, alongside Stranger Things. Her Taylor Swift and One Direction obsessions are never-ending.