The Belonging Project

Forging paths of connection around equity and inclusion

In this initiative, small groups of KidSpirit contributors from different backgrounds meet regularly with staff and KidSpirit alumni over a three-month timeframe to get to know each other while actively engaging and reflecting on difficult issues around equity, identity, and inclusion. Over time, each cohort co-creates a project of their own design and shares their voices on a subject that is meaningful to them.


By Onkar Borde, Miseng Kim, Iman Monnoo, and Jasmine Xu

The world may be diverse, but synchronicity and harmony are possible. Prejudice makes people feel isolated and alone. Even though prejudice exists and cannot be ignored, people should come together and overcome the differences between them. After all, a colorful book is more attractive than a book with just one color.

Through Jasmine’s section of the poem, she hopes to convey the message that, ultimately, we have more similarities than differences; we can all unite as people to craft a collective story about humanity.

Miseng’s portion of work represents her hope for a more united world where all people, despite their differences, have a common identity — as global citizens — and protect the beautiful earth for not only themselves, but also their offspring. She calls on the world to work together in unity and harmony for a sustainable and peaceful shared future, and also to embrace diversity with respect.

Iman, who also composed the original piano music for the video, dedicates her section of the poem to the internal pain that manifests in people as a result of alienation. She believes it is only when we work together to create a better, more united society that this can finally come to an end.

Onkar’s work defines harmony. When combined with his cohort’s melodious poem, the animations he madeshow the beauty of the world around us if we cooperate and live peacefully, andwhat the world would be like if prejudice and discrimination were abolished.

Onkar is a 15-year-old who likes playing football and enjoys singing. He is very interested in robotics, along with hacking and programming. He loves writing and sharing his experiences!

Miseng Kim is an 11th grader from Beijing, China who enjoys fencing and has practiced it for 12 years. During her free time, she likes to write poetry and skateboard. She also likes indoor sports, such as rock climbing and swimming. She is also passionate about abstract art and ceramics. Art and fencing are the loves of her life.

Iman Monnoo is a 16-year-old in 11th grade at Lahore Grammar School Defence in Pakistan. Aside from reading and writing, she also has an affinity for public speaking and drama!

Jasmine Xu is a Year 11 student in Australia. She is interested in philosophy, politics, debating, drama, and the arts. Moreover, she is always open to hearing different perspectives and enjoys thought-provoking and insightful discussions with other people.